Interior & Plastics Division  

Robotic frame welding Line

2700 Ton Injection Machine

Tri-Co Extrusion Machine


At APM our seats are designed to incorporate and integrate the most complex form of designs, the human form. We go through great length to ensure and foster a harmonious and joyous riding experience. In our quest to satisfy even the most finicky customer we have identified the following areas of concentration: safety, comfort, ergonomics and styling.

Plastics have revolutionized the way automotive designers mould and shape the interior and exterior of automobiles. From simple ashtrays to the most difficult moulded single piece door panel, we are totally committed to supply products of the high quality. Our wide and versatile ranges of injection and extrusion machines ensure quality and precision manufacturing.

Major product :
Automative Seats including Car Seats, Bus Seats, Industrial Seats, Ferry Seats, Train Seats & Cinema Seats.
Production Capacity :
18,000 vehicle seats per month
Major Production &
Testing Facilities :

Measuring and Testing Equipments
Computer-Aided-Engineering (CAE)
Seat Static Testing Facilities


Major product :
Interior Injection Parts
Door panel system, Pillar A,B,C, Scuff Plate, Cover Rear Seat Side, Console & Tray Instrument.

Exterior Injection Parts
Bumber, Rocket Panel, Cover Cowl Top, Air-Press, Mudguard, Side Mouldings & Weather Stripes.

Extrusion Components
Body Inserts, Edge Protectors, Roof drip
Runner channel, Moulding of Opening
Trim Windshield outside

PU Padding
PU Cushion & Back Dual Density,
Head Rest & Arm Rest
Production Capacity :
180 tonnes per month for Polyurethane
120 tonnes per month for Plastic Injection.
Major Production &
Testing Facilities :

Coordinate Measuring Machine
Heat Aging Tester
Temperature & Humidity Chamber
QUV Accelerated Weathering Tester
Xenon Weatherability Chamber
Melt Indexer


Major product :
Vehicle Seats
Production Capacity :
20,000 vehicle sets per month
Major Production &
Testing Facilities :

Multi-Storey Storage Rack for Vehicle Seats structured for JIT Sequence Delivery.
Three Conveyonised Seat Assembly Line.